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November 1, 2017
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December 1, 2017

4 Electronic Items to Have in Every Home

Given our hectic lifestyle, it is no wonder many homeowners are increasingly dependent on electronic products to help with housekeeping. Given the limited budget, we may have, it is critical for us to examine some items that will give our lifestyle comfort a boost. Below are some recommendations that you probably should get!

#1 Electric kettle

Are you one of those who drink a cup of coffee to begin your day? We might not recognise the comfort of having instant warm water to make our cup of drinks. Heating the water can be a breeze with an electric kettles compared to boiling water using a stove. Just plug them into an outlet and place them on a kitchen table or countertop. An integrated automatic switch off feature might be a feature to look out for in your search.

#2 Cordless Electric irons

While crisp-free and easy to iron shirts are common in the market, there is certainly no lacking of moments when we need to ensure our shirts are not crumpled. An electric iron can make laundry work bearable. Cordless iron is a recommended option for the flexibility of mobility by avoiding the situation of entangled wires. Gone are the days where the wires are caught under the ironing board leg or even in the wrong position. The cordless electric iron provides you with the flexibility of using your iron at ease.

#3 Air conditioning

Remember the recent haze and air pollution that we all face? Health is wealth. During poor air quality days, we might stay indoor with our windows tightly closed to provider a barrier to the external environment. A dedicated air conditioner system can help in providing cleaner air. When we inhaled polluted air, there is the potential for respiratory problems such as experiencing dryness in our throats or skin irritation. At iHome, our wide range of air conditioner system provides you with multiple solutions depending on your lifestyle. Be assured that we will be with you throughout the whole journey as our specialist team is trained to work with you on the maintenance and cleaning of the system.

#4 Washing machine

The laundry work is perhaps a tiresome process for us. While washing machine is a common product in our home, we have often overlooked at the benefits of having a washing machine. A washing machine is a time and effort saver by replacing hand washing. Comes with multiple sizes, there are options for portable apartment-size models that can fit into any home size if space is a constraint. Also, you can choose washing machines with a heavy cycle if your laundry load is large or when you face with the problem of heavily soiled clothing. Using the right cycle is crucial to protect your items from damage.

With these electric items, enjoy the breeze of modern living.
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