Guidelines in Choosing the Right Aircon for your Home

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July 5, 2018
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Guidelines in Choosing the Right Aircon for your Home

The love of shopping malls among many Singaporeans is not only a reflection of our shopping habits. It is also the allure of the cool air in the mall, especially during a hot and humid day. This is the climate in tropical Singapore.

The air conditioner has become a common household appliance. It evokes the comfortable sleeping environment for us to roam in our dreamland. Nonetheless, choosing the right air-conditioner units can be a daunting task especially with the wide variations and choices in the market.

Let us dive into 4 key pointers to look out for in deciding the right air conditioner unit type!

#1 Should I get an inverter or non-inverter unit?

Having an inverter unit is preferable since it is more energy efficient and helps in saving you enormous utility bill. An inverter air conditioner simply means the compressor does not need to turn on and off continuously. Instead, it tends to speed up and down depending on the demands.

This results in less work by the compressor and thus lower electricity consumption since the non-inverter air conditioner requires a large amount of energy to power on and off several times in a day.

#2 Noise level from the air conditioner

For light sleeper, having an air conditioner unit that creates low noise levels allow non-interference to our activities and sleep. Given that nose is measured in decibels (dBA), the indoor noise level for air conditioners range around 20 to 30dBA for the lowest fan setting. This is the usual level for a quiet home.

#3 Human presence sensor

With the advancement towards more cost-effective units, this feature has become more prevalent. It helps to detect if there are people in the room so that the unit receives the signal to maintain a certain level of cooling activity or switch to a more economical mode . This reduces the power consumption and is a wallet-friendly function.

#4 BTU of the air conditioner

In order for a room to be properly cooled, it is wise for you to choose the right BTU. It is a measurement of the cooling capacity of the air conditioner unit. As a rule of thumb, you can simply multiply the width and length of the room by 25 BTU. If you have purchased a smaller BTU size than the room required, the air conditioner will need more time to cool the room resulting in the higher utility bill.

With the above tips, you are well –equipped to shop for the ideal air conditioner unit for your home. At iHome Solutions, we are committed to helping you select the right package and functions of the air conditioner units so that you can have a hassle-free and cost-effective solution in cooling your sanctuary.
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