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November 1, 2017
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5 Ways to breeze through your air conditioning cost

One of the largest permanent budgets in every home is perhaps the utility bill. The main culprit for high utility bill can be due to the huge energy consumption of your air conditioner units. Despite the cost, most of us are accustomed to have air cooling units in our lifestyle. Having said the above, we explore some smart tips that you can employ to save on your utility bill.

#1 Have some plants around your house

The heat that reaches our house comes from the sun shining on our roofs and window. This warms up the house directly. As such, the natural way is to plant trees around your house or building to block out some degree of direct sunlight. According to some research, having trees or shrubs to shelter your air conditioner can increase its efficiency by as much as 10 percent.

Of course, there is no harm in having more greenery for your surrounding!

#2 Cover your windows

As mentioned, direct sunlight entering the window is a major contributor towards increasing indoor temperature. Fortunately, we can alleviate the heat transfer by clothing our windows with solar screens, or mesh-like screen, which can intercept large degree of solar energy.

Alternatively, window films, which are transparent metalised sheets, can help to reflect heat before transmitting through the window glass. The condition is that the window must be closed for these window films to work while solar screens can both keep the sunlight and insect away without closing the window.

#3 Rock the fan

Air circulation within the house is important to maintain comfortable temperature. Consider installing fan in your room as moving air helps to accelerate the evaporation of sweat from your skin. This evaporation process is an efficient way of removing heat from our bodies.

#4 Maintain your air conditioner units

Ultimately, air conditioner efficiency is most effective in managing electricity consumption. At iHome Solutions, our commitment is to provide you with the right type of air conditioner system and maintenance support to improve the efficiency and lifespan of the product. The return is the saving from both electricity consumption and longer product usage period. Without diving into details, a core purpose of maintaining your air conditioner is to clean the filter so that good air movement can be achieved and ensure condensation drains properly.

#5 Take a shower

What can be more relaxing that stepping in for a shower to refresh yourself. Showering goes beyond cleaning yourself. It is a stress reliving activity and allows you to recharge mentally. A warm shower opens your pores and you will experience immediate cooling process as you walk out of the bathroom.

Managing your utility bills can be a hassle-free process with these simple home makeover and lifestyle tips.
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