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Adhoc Charges on Air-con Servicing

No. of Fan Coil
1 $40
2 $60
3 $90
4 $110
5 $125
6 $140
Disclaimer: Additional top up required for higher BTU Ceiling Cassete and Ducted unit
Service Type
R22 Top Up Gas $60 - $120
R410 Top Up Gas $80 - $150
Chemical Cleaning (Per Fan Coil) $80 - $120
Full Overhaul Chemical Cleaning (Per Fan Coil) $140 - $180
Replacement & Repair of Parts $80 - $150
Resolve General Leakage Issue $40 - $60
For Installation of brand new/recon/used aircon, do call our hotline at +65 9168 6977 for a free site quotation
Terms & Conditions
- Appointment after peak hours, Sundays, Eve of and on Public Holidays will incur $10 overtime charges from the full amount
- Payment settled by Cash or Cheque only to iHome-Solution Pte Ltd
- Payment must be made on site upon completion of job
- All fees and charges are subjected to change by iHome-Solution Pte Ltd
Any late payment will be subjected to 15% administrative charges on the final payment.

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Air-con Maintenance by our Team

Considerations for Air-con Maintenance

We are often asked by our customers the differences between chemical wash and chemical overhaul, and want to clarify this so that you can better decide which service is more suitable for your aircon maintenance.
1Chemical Wash
Done using a specially made plastic bag which was hang onto the fan coil unit whereby we will remove the following

1) Front cover and the filter is removed and clean

2) The water tray of the Fan Coil Unit will be removed and clean (Subjected to brands)

3) The blower will be removed and clean (Subjected to brands)

Chemical wash is for unit which the cooling fins is not totally block or choke as the wash will not be thorough enough to reach the water tray behind to get rid of the dirt and jelly. It also cater for people whose aircon is not very dirty but they do want it to be cleaned more thoroughly with chemical to resolve smelly issue and dusty coil. As the price is much lower than chemical overhaul, some will chose this method of cleaning.

Cleanliness % 80
2Chemical Overhaul
As the titles mention. This is a thorough cleaning methods as it involves in dismounting and dismantling the whole unit parts by parts for chemical washing.

1) Front cover and the filter clean

2) The water tray of the Fan Coil Unit chemical clean

3) The blower chemical clean

4) Mounting tray chemical clean

5) Cooling Coil chemical clean

This will thoroughly clean up the aircon unit to remove any dirt, jelly and grime from the aircon parts. It will total recondition your aircon units to as good as new. Its catered for unit which is very dirty, weak airflow, water leaking as well as unit which have not been chemically clean from years of usage.

Cleanliness % 99

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