Clever Solutions to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

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December 1, 2017
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October 3, 2018

Clever Solutions to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Allergies and even diseases can be the effect of impurities of indoor air at home. Pollution is not just outside your home. There is also such thing as indoor air pollution that is present in inside areas. To improve indoor air quality, here are some steps:

Regular Cleaning

When you use your air conditioner constantly, dust can build-up in just a few months. As recommended, it is important that you clean your air conditioning system at least once a month starting from the date of aircon installation. Another way to avoid indoor air pollution is to routinely chemical wash the parts that can you know how to clean such as air conditioning filters. If you have pets at home, do the cleaning more often to avoid dust and dirt to escape into the air.

Increase Ventilation

Aircon maintenance is not just cleaning and proper usage of the air conditioning unit. Increasing the ventilation in the space is also one of the ways to reduce indoor air pollution. The system may overwork because of lack of air circulation which may block dust, and air ducts.

Control Moisture

Moisture can lead to more moulds in the air conditioner. This is one of the causes of indoor air pollution which can be prevented by keeping the aircon unit dry or if not, just to maintain the proper moisture level. To address this issue, you can call an aircon servicing provider to help teach you how to properly do it.

Add Indoor Plants

Indoor plants bring in fresh oxygen at home. By adding up plants inside your homes, air can be filtered which can get rid of indoor air chemicals at home. Aside from the beauty that it gives, plants stand as breath of fresh air.

Reducing indoor air pollution is one way to avoid diseases that may spread at home. iHome Solutions specializes in preventive solutions that can help one’s home free from pollution brought by dust and dirt.
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